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Great Reward

Yesterday I had the opportunity to read with a scholar from Miss Ray's class. Reading with the director is a reward they have in their class. Not only is a reward for them, it is a reward for me. We had a great time as she read me one of her favorite stories followed by a fun conversation. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the great scholars who come to Noah Webster Academy.
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Lifelong Friendships

This friendship began in 4th grade at Noah Webster Academy. Today they are in their senior year of high school. Although they attend different schools, the friendship that started so many years ago is still strong. "Inspiring a lifelong love of learning, leadership, and service" is part of our mission statement. I think we can add lifelong friendships as well.

Small Acts of Kindness

Yesterday I witnessed what it truly means to be a scholar at Noah Webster. We had a new scholar who was hesitant to go into her class. Another scholar came out, put her arm around her, and the two walked together into class. My heart burst with joy as I watched. This small act of kindness is one of many which occur each day at our school.

Teacher Idol

A highlight of each school year is Teacher Idol. The teachers perform a myriad of numbers which is a fun event for everyone. This year the office presented a bobble-head "Tribute" to Mr. Brown and danced to his favorite songs. The best part was when Mr. Brown jumped on the stage and joined us. Teacher Idol is always the second to last Friday of the school year. We invite you to join the fun next year.

Unsung Heroes

A Norwegian proverb says “A hero is one who knows how to hang on for one minute longer.” I am so thankful for our employees who are the heroes of Noah Webster Academy. They love each child who comes into their classroom. Their desire is to help each child with academic and character growth. The heroes of our school don’t wear capes, but they come in different forms. You can see them when you visit the classroom, front office, or lunchroom. You might miss their faces, but they are there, as they are bundled up during carpool or recess to help keep the kiddos safe while outside. I feel truly blessed to work with these unsung heroes each day.